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Carnival of Carnivals

May 13, 2008

Check out these great carnivals! Yes, yes, I do have posts in them (I did say they were great, didn’t I?).

The 14th Carnival of Radical Feminists, over at Meta Watershed. Some of my favorite posts from that carnival:

In Cover Girls, Take 2, at unconventional beauty, the blogger deconstructs magazine covers, noticing in particular how male celebrities are “allowed” to have lines, wrinkles, and undereye-bags, while female celebrities are digitally sandblasted into oblivion, without even pores.
How Male Violence Against Women and Children Continues to be Defined as ‘Isolated Incidents’ – whereas Female Violence is Interpreted as Deviancy, by Jennifer Drew on At the Root, is a thoughtful and well written explanation of how media outlets reinforce the stereotype that violence is innate to masculinity, and women need to be held to higher standards.

The Humanist Symposium #19 is up at Letters from A Broad. Some faves:

Right in time for Mother’s Day, (ok, ok, a day late) here is an absolutely fabulous post With Thanks to my Atheist Mother, at Elliptica. I love this one, and I hope that someday my (future) children will have similar things to say about me.

In A Question to the Carnivorous at Disillusioned Words, the blogger takes on the ethical issues of… in vitro meat. Would I eat it? I honestly don’t know.

The Carnival of the Godless #91 is up over at State of Protest. Some favourite articles:

In The Theistic Me vs The Atheistic Me, at An Apostate’s chapel, the blogger laments the lost idealism of his/her theistic days. S/he is not necessarily missing the particular elements s/he was idealistic about, but rather the ability to be so.

The Trouble With Prayer at Aaron Ross Powell is a well-written and succinct explanation of how belief in prayer problematizes belief in free will.

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  2. ladoctorita permalink
    May 24, 2008 6:21 pm

    thanks for the link! i’m honored to be among your “favorites.” 🙂

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