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April 17, 2008

The 89th Carnival of the Godless is up at the Rational Response Squad. My post on Militant Atheism is in it.

Other good stuff:

Heather Annastasia writes about atheism and morality.

A Dark and Sinister Voice for Good discusses the recent case where an 11 year old child died of a treatable disease because her parents had decided they would pray her well rather than take her to a doctor.

rENNISance woman’s post Ashtrays and Atheists compares “militant” atheists to “militant” anti-smokers. I’m not sure if I agree with her, but she raises good questions.

Anthroslug the Much Put-Upon examines the multiple and contradictory uses of the word “spirituality” and decides that its a word best avoided. I concur.

Finally, The Gaytheist Agenda (which wins first prize for best blog name) deconstructs an argument intended to prove that religion is not harmful.

And those are my favorites this time around. Happy reading!

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