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Angry Day part 2, My White Guilt is Showing

March 5, 2008 the subject of voting and disenfranchisement, one of my students told me yesterday that there were no polls situated on (at least) a few of the major native reserves. People living in these reserves would have had to drive an hour or more to vote, that is, if they had transportation. I haven’t checked into it (I don’t really know how), but the student who told me this lives on a reserve and has family/friends in a few different reserves, and neither her nor her contacts were able to vote near where they live. This is disgusting. I just can’t believe it. An NDP candidate told me that when he went door knocking in one of the reserves, people there told him that he was the only candidate to bother going out to the reserve. Not just this year, but every election year. I just can’t believe the blatant disregard of, and disenfranchisement of, native people. I would say that I hate this province, but I have a feeling this is not just an Alberta phenomenon.

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                          1. Dr. Jim permalink
                            March 5, 2008 3:22 pm

                            Both of the reserved around Lethbridge were without polling stations. There were a number of news stories about it. Someone from the elections office phoned people on the reserves but got no volunteers from past polling officials or band leadership. As I understand it, that is where their efforts ended. Pretty bad considering many folks on reserves do not have any means of transportation. You would have thought the election folks might have brought in folks from off the reserve to make sure the residents could exercise their rights.

                            On a different front, the whole election was screwed up. I had to go to three different polling stations and finally voted at one that was not my own. They couldn’t get their district maps sorted out.

                            Disgusting really. I wonder how many people did not vote because of these screw ups.

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