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Angry Day

March 4, 2008

I am angry today, over three things in particular. What? Only three things? I know, I know. Given my general misanthropy and curmudgeonly nature, you expect me to angry about three things by breakfast, and here it’s already after lunch! Well, if it helps, I am really very angry. Exceedingly so. So, what are these three things: Bill C-10, the Alberta election, and The Secret.

Bill C-10 is a bill currently before the Canadian senate that, among other things, would allow federal funding agencies to pull financial aid from Canadian tv shows or movies that the Conservative party thinks are offensive. What’s offensive? Well, homosexuality, for one. Sex and violence too. This amounts to censorship, based on some pretty questionable religious principles. This whole business is part of McVety’s crusade against immorality (described in detail here). Jim over at SHUFFL asks: Wouldn’t this make it tough to make films about the Bible?

The Alberta provincial election was yesterday, and although it appeared that Albertans were clamoring for change, they decided that the best way to do this would be to vote in the same damn party they’ve elected for eleven straight terms. Why? Why do you keep voting against your best interest? How the hell could you possibly believe Stelmach’s platform of “Change that works for Albertans?” Don’t you know that means no change at all? Seniors: the Conservative party is making it harder and harder for you to live off your retirement, and harder to get quality health care. Farmers: the Conservative party is doing irreparable damage to your livelihood. Young people: Why don’t you vote?!?!?! Argh! Only 40% of the electorate turned out to vote yesterday. 40%!!! That is disgusting. I understand, I feel the first-past-the-post system is disenfranchising and alienating, but it’s currently all we have. You have no excuse for not reading a bit on the issues. No excuse for not voting. How can people not care?

Finally, The Secret. If you haven’t heard about this book/movie yet you must be either a) too good for popular culture or b) living in a cave. I have railed about it in a past post, but to be honest, I have never read the book or watched the movie myself. I know, bad skeptic. A friend leant me the movie, though, and last night I tried to watch it while I marked stats assignments. I watched What the Bleep do We Know and, although I hated it, I did get all the way through. I expected that of The Secret. Instead, I turned it off less than fifteen minutes in. Look, people, I tried. I tried really hard to watch it. I thought that at the very least I could get a couple of blog posts about it. I couldn’t even get through the talking head introduction at the beginning. Let me tell you why.

The film starts with a bunch of “doctors” (of theology, of philosophy, etc…) explaining how “thoughts become things,” and every thought has a frequency (really? so mind-reading is as easy as tuning a radio?) . Apparently The Law of Attraction means that what ever you think about comes to you. This is really just a exoticized and occulticized “power of positive thinking,” but with the added twist of overt victim-blaming. Within those first few minutes one of the talking heads actually said (paraphrased) “Did you know that 1% of the population controls 90% of the world’s wealth? This isn’t a coincidence, it’s because they know The Secret.” What? Are you fucking kidding me? So, the world’s leaders are rich not through their systemic oppression and exploitation of the rest of us, not through warfare and resource monopolization, not through raping and pillaging, but because they think good thoughts! So, if you live in desperate poverty, working several jobs to keep your family fed just enough so they don’t die today, it’s because you don’t want success. If you can’t get a job (and you have a feeling it’s because employers believe that everyone of your race is or will become an alcoholic), it’s actually because you don’t really want that job. If you get cancer, it isn’t because you breathe in microwave popcorn “butter” fumes all day and night at the factory, it’s because you didn’t want to be healthy. And if tragedies like poverty seem to be overrepresented among your race/ethnicity, sex, immigrant status, dis/ability, it’s just because people like you are too negative.

Has anyone seen the whole movie or read the whole book? Am I misinterpreting this?

Ugh. I told you I’m angry today.

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                          1. March 4, 2008 4:33 pm

                            What you need is a little love from the The Jill & Julia Show.

                          2. March 9, 2008 7:51 am

                            Ha! Awesome.

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