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Blog for Choice 2008

January 22, 2008

Blog for Choice Day

It’s that magical time of year again, the time when we commemorate Roe vs Wade by blogging for choice. Yes, I know that Roe vs Wade was an American decision and that the Canadian history of reproductive rights followed a bit of a different trajectory, but why quibble? Pro-choice bloggers from all over the world will write today generally on the topic of pro-choice, and specifically on the question “Why do I vote pro-choice?”

I vote because, whatever my complaints, the democratic process is the best we’ve got so far and it only works as long as everyone participates. I vote because I want my government to represent me. I want to feel I’ve had my say, I’ve cast my support for the person or party I most approve of. I live in a part of Canada where it doesn’t matter at all who I vote for, because the Conservatives (Canadian Republicans) will always get in, but I still think it is important to vote against them. My vote for an alternative party tells the Conservatives that their reign is not supreme, they don’t have a total consensus. I, and many others, disagree with them, and they better be careful if they want to keep control.

Why do I vote pro-choice? I trust women to make their own decisions, and I support politicians and parties who have this same trust. Anti-choice politicians are usually using the abortion debate to inject their own religious message into their politics and I am fiercely supportive of church/state separation. Don’t you try to put your idea of god on my body. Fuck no. I don’t care what your individual opinion of abortion is, I expect you to trust women to have their own opinions, for their own reasons, and to make their own personal decisions based on these.
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  1. underdog permalink
    January 22, 2008 9:52 am

    I fully agree and am aware of the feelings about the personal issues of your own body and desire to control your own destiny.

    This is not disputed.

    The question is whether you, or anyone else, can terminate the life of another human being?

    It’s your body – but inside your body is a developing human entity that is unique and genetically human.

    If we pretend that we can dismiss this reality, and hide it within carefully arranged sophestry regarding personal choice with respect to your own body – then we miss the central concern.

    That being that if we find it acceptable to terminate a human life for a convienince of choice at the earliest stages of biological development, then what are the moral restraints on society regarding the termination of human life elsewhere along the biological journey?

    Infanticide? The physically deformed? The mentilly handicapped? The infirmed? The elderly?

    Can we add cost and economical considerations for choice, to allow the termination of a human life.

    Suddenly we then extend to an entire race of peoples perhaps – the “choice” to exterminate them. Genocide being the final and ultimate end of “choice.” WAR being the ultimate instrument of choice.

    LIFE is such an amazing thing. From such humble beginnings comes the spark of genious, the glory and splendor of art, the wisdom of the sage, and the folly of the fool. We can seek answers to the deep mysteries of the universe… because we are sentient, and can ask the questions.

    Better I say, far better indeed – to excersize the choice of restraint in the moment of passion. To excersise the choice of protection. To excersize the choice of rational thought.

  2. January 23, 2008 5:34 pm

    Ah, a concern troll. Always evident by how apparently during spelling lessons in grade school they must have been pondering the larger questions of how women must submit to the will of another.

    Women’s bodies are designed to not just “create life” but also “terminate life”. Miscarriage from a pregnancy unknown to the woman happens constantly out there, more often than a pregnancy proceeds on to make itself known. And I terminate “life” every time I have a period — eggs are alive, you know. Do you really mean to compare this to genocide?

    What, in fact, are YOU doing about all the genocide that IS occurring right now on the globe? Genocide that includes mass rapes of women partly in hopes of forcing them to become pregnant with their attacker’s spawn, just for the additional subjugation that offers? Are you expending any energy to stop this?

    Your semantic games are offensive, especially when you pretend to be concerned with life. Hands off — and that’s what bugs you.

  3. January 30, 2008 8:59 am

    Thanks for the backup, Maggie. I guess I better get more careful about who I let comment.

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