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Back from Hiatus

November 24, 2007

After a seventeen-page paper, a ten-page paper, and two three-hour long presentations, I am back from my impromptu hiatus. Tomorrow I have a multi-disciplinary conference to go to, and I am not exactly looking forward to it. I know that presenting at conferences is good for me, both in the sense of good for my presentation skills and good for my cv, but for some of them I just don’t see the point. Single-discipline conferences I understand, because you will learn things that are relevant to you, but that you might not have had the chance to hear about otherwise. Multi-disciplinary but themed conferences I also understand – a lot of fascinating work all on one topic and the opportunity for some really neat cross-disciplinary collaboration. Multi-disciplinary, non-themed conferences? Sounds like a whole lot of people who will go for their session and leave for everyone else’s.

Anyway, look for a more substantive post sometime in the next few days.

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